Since its inception in 1983, SIFL has professionally forged ahead to become a reputed manufacturer of critical and complex forgings for Aeronautical/ aerospace applications, Missile components, Online Fittings for Submarines, Defence/ tactical equipment and machineries, Oil and gas industry, Heavy Engineering, Earth moving, Railway locomotives and Automobile sectors. SIFL has the proven Technical capability to forge all types of steel alloys including stainless steel & maraging steel, forgings out of Non ferrous and special metals viz. Titanium alloys, Aluminium alloys, Nickel alloys, Inconel, Super alloys, etc. With expertise over the years SIFL has now been recogonised as a World class manufacturer and Solution provider for Aerospace forgings and finished components.

Our products


Associating with Railways for supplying Critical engine Components

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Over 500 types of high precision critical components for aerospace/ defence applications. Indigenously developed many critical forgings for Aero engines / Launch Vehicles.

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oil & gas

Developed various type of Valve bodies and choke bodies weighing upto 600 kg per piece in all pressure ratings.

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Earth Moving

various components for earth moving sector

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